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I get that, but if you're trading them, you're likely trading them for prospects. And often times, a guys value is at its peak while a player is a prospect. To me, there's nothing wrong with having good major league players. If you're always trying to maximize value and sell high, you'll never compete because you'll always be selling for prospects.

I get the sell high philosophy and if someone makes a foolish trade offer for someone, then yes, you take it. But that's highly unlikely.

Everyone loves upside and that's what prospects provide. But the number that hit that upside is fairly small. Selling just to sell keeps you in the middle.
Well it depends again on whether you believe a player is truly good or if perhaps they just had a good year. Plus it depends how many years of control you have left and what's behind them. Pretty sure if we could have a do over a lot of fans would say we should have traded Guerra, Peralta, Villar, and Broxton for example.