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    Scoring Champs and NBA titles

    Since 56, Only three dudes have lead the league in scoring and won a title in the same year: Jordan (6X), Kareem (1X), and Shaq (1X).

    Is this going to happen ever again? It looked like a sure thing last season with Steph Curry leading the league in scoring. He would have been the first player to accomplish that in almost two decades.

    Is this tread just an anomaly? Or is there an inherent flaw in a team that relies that much on one guy, even if he happens to be a stellar scorer?


    Interesting note: The last time a rebounding champ won title was the last year a scoring champ won a title: Jordan and Rodman.

    Rebound champs and NBA champs: Rodman (X3) Moses (X1) Chamberlain (X2) Russell (X3) Mikan (X1). Slightly more probably, but not much.

    And it's been 30 years since an assist leader won a title (87: Magic).

    Magic did that once; Cousy twice.
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