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    Where do Cousins and Davis rank all-time in PF-C combos, talent-wise?

    Where do DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis rank among power forward-center duos all-time, in terms of raw talent when the duos played together?
    Base your choices on the peak talent level of the duo, as we can't compare their performance as a duo over multiple years.

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    Offensively, very high. Not there defensively.

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    Aug 2008
    1. Bird and Parish
    2. Duncan and Robinson
    3. Cousins and Davis
    4. Olajuwon and Sampson
    5. Mourning and Johnson
    6. Barkley and Malone
    7. O'Neal and Grant
    8. Chamberlain and Meschery
    9. Lucas and Walton
    10. Hayes and Unseld

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    They haven't even played a game yet!

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    Sep 2006
    Olajuwon and Barkley?

    Or think outside the box:
    Kareem and Magic?
    Bosh and LeBron?
    Green and KD?

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    Mar 2014
    Since the 90's, 2 of the best centres in the L, playing for two different teams, both command a double team, top 5 in scoring and then coming together on the same team - never happened. Im excited. As for comparing them for the greatest of all time PF / C combo like R johnson said let them play a game first maybe???

    If New Orleans was smart they would amass 3pt shooters from wherever they can find them and load up. This team could be very problematic because they might hit their stride late march / early april in time for playoffs. Other teams won't have much game tape or know what to do against them in a 7 game series. Not saying they will win the championship or anything but a tough first round out for sure.

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    Feb 2016
    Off sheer talent/game alone they are in the discussion but how it translates on the court is TBD

    this offseason they should get a T Allen type dog defender/competitor, a wing who can create like a PG13 and as many 3pt specialists they can muster, they had 2 of those in Anderson/Gordon but couldn't afford to keep those so they need to get cheaper versions of those type shooters which I am sure they are capable of doing

    they make those moves and they will be scary good especially come playoff time and if AD can stay healthy enough to make it happen

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    Not even Better than Bynum and Pau or Pau and Odom.

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