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    Looks like we're gonna trade out of #5. Per Adam Schefter‏:
    Sounds like Titans are at it again. Already have received offers for fifth overall pick and are contemplating trade, per league source.

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    Alright guys today's the big day! Tell me what your dream scenario would be for the day! Mine would be to trade back from number 5 to get an additional second round pick. Also managing to nab OJ Howard, Corey Davis with our first two picks. Back up players for me would be Barnett or Adams. Take best CB with the 2nd rounder. Would be ok with taking Williams too.

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    Supposedly there are multiple teams in the mix looking to trade up and down..... Supposedly the 49ers, Bears, Titans and Jets are all willing to trade down. The Bills, Browns, Broncos, Chiefs and Texans all looking to move up.

    I think there is also a ton of smoke out there right now. The 49ers are talking about being interested in Fournette. The Jags talking about being interested in Watson. I think they are trying to create some interest in those spots.

    I heard some people on the radio talking about the possibility of trading back with the Browns. It makes the most sense in my opinion and has been rumored for months. The 5th pick for the 12th and 33rd picks is pretty much even value. It makes sense for both teams. The Titans can probably still get a comparable player at 12 and get their 2nd round pick. The Browns have a ton of picks and ensure they come out of this draft with Myles Garrett and their Quarterback.

    They also mentioned getting OJ Howard and Corey Davis. Which would be amazing. But I have strong doubts that both players will be on the board at those picks. I have seen OJ Howard rumored to the Jets, Bengals and Bills all in the top 10. He could be there at 12. Corey Davis on the other hand has been strongly rumored to the Ravens with some people that cover that team saying that they have vetted him hard and don't see him falling past that 16 spot.

    I still do that trade. I believe they want OJ Howard, Mike Williams or Corey Davis and one of those guys will be there at 12. Then you still have 18 and 33 to address cornerback or go best available.

    I agree that if we get that 33rd pick there will be a good CB on the board at that spot. I would even be okay with them taking a gamble on a guy like Sidney Jones at that spot. They are saying that he probably will be back to running by September and that is a 1st round talent.

    I would be happy with something like

    12 - OJ Howard, Mike Williams or Corey Davis
    18 - Best available player if any of the above falls to this spot or somebody like Barnett
    33 - Best available cornerback

    I haven't got to post much on here lately. But back after the season I watched a bunch of film and wrote down the players that stood out to me for the Titans. I try to do that every year before the combine that way I'm not influenced by the metrics because I'm a big numbers guy. But here are the ones that stood out to me

    WR Corey Davis
    DE/OLB Derek Barnett
    LB Reuben Foster
    CB Sidney Jones
    LB T.J Watt
    CB/S Desmond King
    CB Adoree Jackson

    Marcus Mariota

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