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    Quote Originally Posted by mightybosstone View Post
    Jesus, I don't know what's more annoying. The fact that no Dodgers fan apparently knows how to use quotes on this site, or the obnoxious overuse of emojis. But suffice it to say that I'm bored and exhausted with the debate at this point. I'm not going to waste hours of my life arguing semantics, psychological terms and the same 5 basic arguments I've stated probably a dozen times across multiple threads. We're spinning our wheels, and I have better things to do with my time.

    Enjoy the season, Dodgers fans. I look forward to another AL team winning the World Series again this year.
    If these were the 1980's, then we would be butting heads with you often in the old NL West.

    Future Hall of Shamers:
    (1) B.A.L.C.O. Barroids (2) Mark McJuicer (3) Jose Chem-seco (4) Rafael Palmeiroids (5) Ken Chem-initi (6) Jason Gi-andro (7) Ryan Fraud (8) Muscle Melk (9) Woman-Ram (10) Shammy Sosa (11) Roger Clear-mens (12) A-Roid (13) Ryan HGHoward

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofdad View Post
    That's what annoys you, quotes and emojis? You're an intelligent guy but you don't seem to accept your own role in this banter. It seems the stress and emotion of this endless debate would be quickly mitigated if anyone (fans, players, management, ownership) from the Astros would show any sign of true contrition or acknowledgement of their deeds that either a)isn't immediately followed by some deflection toward other teams or past cheating in the sport, or b) isn't dismissive of any real benefit potentially garnered from the cheating itself.

    Houston has a talented team and will likely contend for the AL pennant again this year. Their biggest challenge is going to be opening their eyes and ears to what is going on around them. They have an organizational problem and the longer they point outside the organization as either the cause or justification of their issues, the longer this banter will go on in message boards, the media, the stadiums, etc.

    Good luck to the Astros. It is going to be a long ride.
    I'm pretty sure this is what I've been trying to say but is taking me forever. Thanks dude.

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