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Thread: DeShaun Watson

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    DeShaun Watson

    is he a forgone conclusion to go #1 to the browns this april after last nights performance??

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    It would be a terrible pick by Cleveland if true. What until the 2018 draft where there are better QBs, and either take BPA or trade down if someone really wants Watson.

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    The consensus right now even after his Championship game performance is that he is a 2nd-3rd round talent that probably ends up going at the end of the 1st round. I've seen Teddy Bridgewater and RG3 throw out as NFL comparisons.

    He doesn't have quite the NFL prototypical frame but is close.

    He plays in a system that doesn't do much of what he will be asked to do in the NFL. I read several talking about how he has hardly been asked to work from under center or out of the huddle. That the offense has been very simplified to limit reads.

    The majority of his passing has come from very quick short passes and he hasn't been that good when having to go down the field. For example in the National Championship game he was 26-32 on passes that traveled 8 yards or less. He was 10-24 on passes that traveled further than 8 yards about half of which were jump balls.

    The good news for him is that all of that doesn't mean he is destined for failure. Many of the same criticisms I remember reading about Marcus Mariota. But the Titans have gone out and worked around his strengths and it has worked out so far.

    I think he can be a decent starting quarterback if he gets in the right situation. He has all the intangibles to be a professional athlete.

    But he won't go #1 overall.

    Then again I also said that about last years group of quarterbacks as well. And teams gave up a small fortune to move up and get them at #1 and 2.

    Another issue is that there are some current NFL quarterbacks that could be on the move. Tony Romo, Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Bradford, Jay Cutler, Jimmy Garoppolo, Mike Glennon, Tyrod Taylor, Brian Hoyer etc. A team might be more willing to roll short-term with one of those guys and wait for 2018 if they aren't overly in love with this class of incoming quarterbacks.

    Marcus Mariota

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    The knock on Deshaun seems to be the same as was on Dak the year before. Perhaps a post mortem should be done on what a lot of scouts are looking at as they seem to be no better than a dart throwing chimp

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