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    Several Titans free agents not expecting to be back in 2017

    While I'm not surprised (been saying it all year) it is kinda shocking to see guys like Kendall Wright and Chance Warmack openly talking about playing elsewhere in 2017.

    Kendall Wright was very open about it and it appears that there may have already been some discussions despite what Mularkey said in the press conference.

    "I'm not a part of the 2017 Titans. ...I feel like I'm free."
    “I never seen a day where I would be talking about leaving the Titans... I mean, I never really thought about that day, it just snuck up on me, really,” Wright said. “This whole year I just stayed positive and just did what I (could to) be a pro and help these young guys. They got a lot of talent and they'll be really good in the future."
    "I feel like I put enough on the game film to where other teams will look and feel like they can better use my talents in a situation to be successful."
    Apparently they had issues with Kendall Wright off the field missing meetings and practices.

    “Again, it's not for every player the way we do things here,” Titans coach Mike Mularkey said, later clarifying that “we're looking for consistency on and off the field.”

    Then Mike Mularkey was talking about the offensive line and said he felt that the starters they had were one of the best offensive lines in football. That he seen no reason to go into 2017 with anything different than those same guys.

    Which seemingly rules out resigning Chance Warmack who has already said he feels like he is one of the top guards in the league. So yeah no way he is getting paid that kind of money with the level of play the Titans got in his absence.

    Rashad Johnson was another player who seems pretty confident that he won't be back in 2017. He cleaned out his locker and was swapping gear with other players including Derrick Henry. He said that he had an expiring contract and that his position was one where the team lacked and that they will probably look to go younger in the offseason.

    Marcus Mariota

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    I'm glad to move on from Warmack, just like I'll sleep more comfortable when it's confirmed Blake will sign somewhere else or retire.

    I'm confident Wright is gone as well. Read some headlines saying he looked emotional during the interview? I mean, the guy's commitment has been questioned for a long time now, I still feel bad for not being able to make it work while here. Part of me wishes he'll find some success elsewhere. But if this is what they decide, I'm still very glad they're sticking with their philosophy and are this strict about who they want to play in our uniform.

    There was obviously no need for Johnson to be back. He was part of a four-man rotation and was being outplayed anyway by at least two other younger safeties.

    I want Klug back. He provides quality depth and can do some nice things as a pass rusher. Also, I think I've listened to Mularkey praising him once or twice over the course of the season. Schwenke, Stafford, Spence are guys I see returning as well.

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    I like Chance Warmack, but the O-line played great this year, and he wasn't on the field for most of it. So clearly he is gone. I would like to Keep Wright only because when he leaves, it will create a hole that must be filled. I never expected him to re-sign with us, he will go to whoever wants to overpay for him. I would like to keep Klug, but outside of him I am not tracking any other key guys that may leave. I am also a bitter old man at heart, and when players leave I don't want them to do well.

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