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    Mock Draft Guidelines

    As we descend on mock draft season some guidelines on posting mock drafts:

    1) Limit yourself to 1 mock per week

    When we have too many mocks from single posters per week the place becomes cluttered. Limiting to one per week will allow each one to breath a bit and get it's own commentary.

    2) Please cite where you get draft order from

    If the draft is not yet finalized, please cite where you got the draft order from. Some places are better at posting draft orders. This is also important when talking playoff order. Some places do seeding, some predictions, some records.

    3) Formatting

    Let's please keep this consistent. You may use a numbering system how you like. Break down by rounds.

    Round 2 pick 1 can be listed:
    Round 2 pick 1; A headliner of Round 2 then 1, 2, 3; A headliner of Round 2 then 33; 34; 35

    As far as the pick, ideally we should all follow:

    Example of all formatting:

    Round 1 Pick 1 - Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett DE/OLB Texas A&M

    Please refrain from positional names such as Otto, Edge, Leo, ect. Use classic names. If a guy is a 3-4 DE, refer to him as a 3-4 DE; not 3Tech, 5Tech, ect.

    4) Explaining picks is greatly appreciated!!

    Not required, but this helps other posters understand your thinking. No need for a book on every one. just a quick blurb or sentence goes a long way!

    5) Debate is good, but don't attack a guy because of a bad pick.

    We all have our own opinion on our own teams picks, and that's great. It helps people better understand your teams. This year I'm going to do a "Team Needs" thread. Post what positions your team needs, and rank if you need to.

    But don't needlessly attack someone because you don't like the pick. Explain why the pick isn't the best, and back it up. Don't just say "Oh so-and-so is terrible for us. Not a need." Explain why he isn't a need or who's a better fit.

    6) Word/Google Docs is your friend

    Little advice from me: I write all my mocks in google docs and copy and paste after I'm done. We all know the formatting: [] to start bold, italics, underline. Use the B, I, U respectively. [/] to close. This helps so you don't lose everything because of a misclick!

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