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Its not just that its gonna hurt them on the field. How many of these kids would have gone somewhere else if they knew there was no chance of them being able to play in the pros? I would say quite a few. Especially the higher profile ones.

If it hurts them enough to make them drop out of bowl games that is a big blow in terms of advertising.

They were talking about it on the radio when this came out and the HC there was not happy about it at all.
Well I don't think kids who attend Army/Navy/Air Force are going there with the idea that playing in the NFL is their #1 priority. If you go these schools and decide you want to play football then you know you are taking a risk that you might not be allowed to continue your career after you graduate. However, I do agree this was the wrong decision. It's not like many players from these schools actually get the chance to play in the NFL. I mean the last player to actually be drafted from an academy was 2008 in the 7th round. It would be more understandable to deny the NFL to a player if the country was at war but were not. Like Norm said, pretty stubborn.