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Thread: 2017 NFL Draft

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    Player comparison: Tom Johnson, Minnesota Vikings

    Johnson has always been a guy youíre happy to have on your team, but know heíll never be a starter. Walker could end up the same way as his body type doesnít lend itself to playing the run in the NFL. They both possess a pass rushing ability thatís valuable on third down.
    God damn Cyanide, you write for PFF too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRAVE KID View Post

    God damn Cyanide, you write for PFF too?
    ha no but i do talk with a number of their writers frequently

    #GoHawkeyes #FightForIowa #ANF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Cyanide 28 View Post
    no one?? come onnnn 5 non QBs to start a franchise! who you going with??
    Factoring contract and age:

    Khalil Mack
    Odell Beckham Jr
    Aaron Donald
    Chris Harris Jr
    Tyron Smith

    I put a lot into contract and age. I fully believe Von is better than Mack, but Mack isn't terribly far behind and he's a couple years younger as well as being on his rookie contract still. Quite a few players I would have liked to put on there if they were just a couple years younger. I didn't bother putting RB on there.

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