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Nbadraft.net: #8 Vassell - #30 Bey - #31 Reed

Nbadraftroom: #9 Vassell - #20 Bey - #25 Reed

Tankathon: #11 Vassell - #13 Bey - #34 Reed

Nbcsports: #10 Vassell - #14 Bey - only covers first round Reed is not there.

Espn: #16 Vassell - #18 Bey - #52 Reed (they rank best available not draft mock exactly)

So the draft mocks are all over the place. Mind you I have been going crazy with the things I have read and watched (and I am not talking about "Tim the neighborhood gm" type" channels).
To give an example. Ball to Washington, Wiseman to NY. Even when they say Tobbin to us. Who will play D? no one? Because they want to see our offense? And then accuse us when we fail and call us losers? Nice logic...

Back to us. Whenever Vassell or Bey goes up, R. Williams falls to our range. Whenever Reed gets up Precious falls. So yeah there are options. And something very important that people seem to neglect when they talk about us. We are not looking for a star. We have our stars. We even have our third option. What we are looking for is for pieces that would compliment and hide our stars' weaknesses.
Ya that's about what I have seen for vassal/bey which makes me think vassell is borderline top 10 (only one had him outside 11) and bey more likely to be there. Reed I may just have been off on. I do think they are all over the place and it may still be moving. This draft doesn't really have that lots of stars feel but it does seem like a lot of skilled role player types more than star appeal. I agree toppin may be good on offense but we need defense more. Russell/towns and probably Beasley is a strong offense but lacking d.

I agree that we kinda have our stars and need good role players now. There is a good mix of skill sets giving us options if we aren't set on a star (although if we do see one, grab him). Nets beat wizards yesterday and had already lost one to magic who beat kings. It's looking good for us getting the 15/16 pick. Nets making playoffs and dropping below magic is ideal. I think okongwu and the best 3/d sf would be a great draft looking at it now and some of the options. Like you say we have the stars lets get a young Covington and a draymond (not actual comparisons to any specs just saying like those types now bringing other aspects to the game than star/creating/scoring in bunches.

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