Please remember the following in regards to posting spoilers for movies and TV shows, as well as the coding and instructions for using the spoiler tags.

PSD forum rules in regards to spoilers:

11. Spoilers - 1 infraction point
If you spoil a movie or a show for anyone without including it in the thread title, you will be given an infraction for disruptive behavior. It is not fair to spoil a show or a movie to those who may have not seen the show or the movie before.
Some threads may have spoilers mentioned in the title, others may not. If they do not, don't spoil the fun for others. You may use the spoiler tags (instructions below) or you can create another thread if the movie/show is big enough (think Star Wars, Marvel universe movies, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead) so there is a safe place to discuss spoilers with those who have already seen it.

If you need thread titles changed or spoilers removed, you can PM an admin or mod, or report the post and we can address it from there.

For the SPOILER TAG feature, please read below:

Example of Spoiler Tag

The spoiler tag feature has now been implemented as you can see above. To use this feature, you need to wrap text in the Spoiler Tag code. See the image below for the structure. If you use the advanced reply option, the "S" button will automatically input the spoiler code for you. You just need to insert the text you don't want to be visible between the tags.

Attachment 106