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    Thanks for the discussion and updates Bel and coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingsfan0845 View Post
    Personally I don't think it really matters if you make the jump from AA or if you go through AAA to the majors. From what I understand there isn't much of a difference between each level. Carlos Correa made the jump from AA and is doing just fine. I think Swanson is mature enough and advanced enough to make the jump without a problem. I could be wrong but I don't think it really matters if you go through AAA or not to get to the majors.

    If we were a contending team we may have treated this differently but I've felt all along that the goal is for Swanson to be the opening day starter at short next season. Why not get him some seasoning during a lost season? He's mature enough to be able to deal with any struggles he'll surely go through. I feel like the outcome can only be positive.
    Yup, and their is only 2 weeks left in the minors season. So there wasnt much "seasoning" left for Swanson. He has such an advanced approach to the plate that skipping AAA isnt that big of a deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SB75 View Post
    So you missed the part about going with Harts instincts? And since this is not the first time we had this discussion, what about all the other times that I said we don't know what happens everyday on the farm? Which if you remember was my main point when Hart said he wasn't ready a month or so back. So if I agreed then that we don't know what happens in everyday on the farm, then I have to also agree by that same guide line now. Who knows he could have the David Justice thing where he hits line drives all over the place, just right at people.
    All that said numbers is what we have as fans. And I don't think any of us can justify his numbers as why he's been promoted. So to go back to my original point, those that wanted him promoted, always wanted it. And those that didn't myself included, are in serious concern about not rushing our future star.
    Sadly us fans don't have much else than stats to evaluate minor leagues, heck I don't even pay but everytime you read about Swanson you hear words like "intangibles", "mature", "leadership", "polished" among others, he's obviously not a typical 22 year old player having a so-so season at AA, he's special because he has the tools and those "intangibles" we need to take those into account when evaluating him, to say that he hasn't earned his promotion might be what scouts call "scouting the stat line". Every major baseball writer agree with the Braves decision to call up Swanson, he might struggle at first (like most of the rookies) but it looks like he's the kind of prospect that learn on the run.

    Every prospect is different and this is not the best example but back in 2012 Teheran was 21 and repeating AAA after a successful campaign, he had and awful season, finishing the year with an ERA of 5.08 and still the Braves made him part of the rotation at the start of 2013, he certainly didn't "earned" his promotion based on numbers but the Braves knew what they have and were rewarded with their decision. I've learned to take minor league stats with a grain of salt.

    I also appreciate our discussion, this is what keeps the forum alive.

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    Swanson has gotten off to a decent start. With avg and and fielding, something to be desired in Slgg and OBP. So here's to hoping he improves on the Slgg and OBP while keeping the pace on his avg.

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    If he keeps hitting the power will come, never going to be a 25+ HR guy but should still hit a good deal.

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    Just saw the highlights of last nights game and how poorly played Kemp's bases loaded triple was. You gotta wonder what the D'Backs FO is thinking watching Haniger botch that play while Inciarte is rounding the bases. And then to watch Swanson get his first career RBI against you. I almost feel bad for the D'Backs.
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    Is Shelby Miller back in the majors yet? Lol

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    Swanson's 1st HR was an inside the parker lmao
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