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AI proved his play all the way to a HOF career. Enough said. Stay angry it won't make a difference as far as AI's career is concerned. Especially YOUR irrelevant opinion of him.
If it's irrelevant, why do you care?

Convicted of a felony at age 17, was given a term of 10-15 years.

Was shopped after 2000 season due to many disagreements with Larry Brown the Coach.

After losing in 2002 he went on a rant after Brown said in public he missed practices. AI went on a rant when he said "practice" 14 times.

Under Coach Chris Ford AI was suspended several times for missing practices and not notifying that he was ill. He then refused to go into a game as a sub while he recovered from his injury.

In 2006 he arrived late for fan appreciation night. He was sat down for the game.

In 2007 he demanded a trade.

Fined $25k for complaining about a ref.

After 1 year and a playoff failure in Denver he was dealt to Detroit. He was put on bench for the year due to his back - but was also upset he was a bench player.

Signed a 1 year deal with Memphis. But quit a few games into the season.

Then was signed by original team 76'ers for a farewell tour. But he couldn't finish that season either, and quit.

He signed a 2 year deal with a team in Turkey. Hurt his leg, had an operation and never played again.

Go search his name and the word "cancer". My, lots of people think he is.