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    "CM Punk" makes debut at UFC 203

    Seemingly the best prospect that has yet to fight will finally make his debut against Mickey Gall in September at UFC 203. The news has been out for a couple days but I thought this might be a good discussion piece for the forum. Phil Brooks is an ex-WWE wrestler who has made the switch to MMA.

    Although not the first guy to make the jump (Josh Barnett-Brock Lesnar) from pro wrestling the MMA, he is by far the least skilled and is very close to being a rookie to the fullest term. Both Barnett and Lesnar have wrestling backgrounds with Lesnar being a high level collegiate wrestler and Barnett having wrestler in high school with also doing kickboxing. For Phil Brooks, his training has been limited to off and on training in BJJ prior to is official UFC signing.

    Whats everyones thoughts on how this goes? Has Brooks had enough time and is he healthy enough to at the very least beat Gall who is still a prospect in his own right?
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    I was/am a huge fan of his. I hope he does well. I don't expect a ton but I think he can compete. He wouldn't do it if he didn't think he could do well. I'm excited for Brock first and then Brooks.

    I think he gets the W on a KO

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    "CM Punk" makes debut at UFC 203

    If the guy is taking this serious I have no problem with it. Hopefully he doesn't go Hollywood on interviews and talks out his *** a la Lesner or McGregor. Should be interesting debut because of who he is.

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    I am not sure that he can compete strongly and I feel Gall will submit him.He must have trained hard and impressed someone but without even some amateur action I question his chances.

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