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    Alexander Radulov signs one year, $5.75 million deal with Habs

    Low risk, high reward signing for the Habs. It will be interesting to see how things played out behind the scenes with Weber here. The Habs needed more scoring in their top six, and Radulov can provide that for sure if he is focused on hockey.

    Turns out Alexander Radulov’s NHL comeback might not be over after all.

    In spite of last week’s report that the 29-year-old Russian forward would remain in the KHL, it’s now being reported that he’s signed with the Montreal Canadiens. No terms of the deal have been shared. It has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Habs.

    UPDATE: It’s official. One year-deal worth $5.75 million.

    Radulov’s last NHL return was in 2011-12 with the Nashville Predators. It did not end well. He, along with teammate Andrei Kostitsyn, were suspended by the team during the playoffs for violating curfew. He returned to the KHL shortly thereafter.

    It’s worth noting that then-Predators captain Shea Weber said he felt “a little bit betrayed” by Radulov, “because I was one of the guys that stood up for him and wanted him back.”

    Worth noting, because Weber is now with Montreal.

    For the record, Weber also said of Radulov, “I am sure he feels bad about it now and he looks back on it and wishes it didn’t happen.” But still, an interesting dynamic there, assuming these reports are accurate.

    At any rate, nobody can deny Radulov’s talent. He has 102 points in 154 career NHL games, including 47 goals.

    The Habs could use some more offense out of their top six, so in that sense the signing would make sense.

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    We need a center and a good young defenceman!

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