So I guess that the higher brass and ownership feel that the problem was just with Carey Price's injury, and that nothing else occurred. In my mind, neither of those two have had great results that would merit keeping them on after this season happened. Yes, Price is an all-world talent, but the team completely fell apart without him- that means it was poorly constructed or poorly coached, there isn't much in-between.

A quarter of the way through the 2015-16 seaon the Montreal Canadiens looked to be one of the top teams in the NHL with a 19-4-3 record that was good enough for the best start in franchise history. The best case scenario for them at that point was that they would continue on that track and be a legit contender for the Stanley Cup. At worst, they seemed to have at least given themselves enough cushion that the playoffs should have been have a lock even if they cooled off and slumped the rest of the way.

The playoffs, as it turned out, were not a lock, and what the Canadiens did the rest of the way would be far worse than just a "slump."

The Canadiens won only 19 of their final 56 games to finish with the fourth-worst record in Eastern Conference and complete one of the worst in-season collapses in NHL history. No team in NHL history that earned at least 41 points through 26 games (as the Canadiens did) went on to miss the playoffs until this Canadiens team.

If you were expecting some kind of drastic change to the organization after such a nightmare of a season, it would be understandable.

You would also be wrong.

The Canadiens announced Monday that general manager Marc Bergevin and coach Michel Therrien will both return for the 2016-17 season.

Bergevin also said in his end of the season availibility that while no player on the team should be considered untouchable in trade talks, he has "no intention" of trading any of their core players, including defenseman P.K. Subban and captain Max Pacioretty. Subban's contract extension, complete with a no-trade clause, kicks in this summer.

So let's focus on the real issue with the Canadiens: Their belief -- at least the belief of their GM -- that the only reason they fell short this season is because of the injury to starting goalie Carey Price.

Bergevin said on Monday that he believes with a healthy Price this season they would not be sitting there having the conversation they were.

In his defense, there is no doubt that Price's injury was a major factor in the Canadiens' struggles. He is one of the best goalies in the world and was coming off of a 2014-15 season where he won pretty much every individual award he was eligible to win and almost single handedly carried a mediocre team to the playoffs. Of course his injury is going to be a problem.

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