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    Westbrook signs Jordan extension

    So he signed an extension this off-season. Just not the one to stay with his team.

    Is the writing on the wall?

    BIG 3

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    How are these even related?

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    You know what's writing on the wall? Is that Westbrook is playing it smart. He has all the leverage. He has an option year next year. After this season brings a lot of uncertainty. He does not know how he and PG will work out. He does not know if PG will bolt. The guy is 29 this season. If this year doesn't work out, then his future offers plenty of options instead of maybe getting stuck playing his prime years in a rebuilding team? He just made bank in this deal, he can afford to keep his options open.
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    10 year most expensive extension in Jordan Brand history. Good for him.

    It says nothing about coming or going though.

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