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    ProSportsDaily Forum Rules

    New Users: Minimum Posts

    For any newly registered users, you must obtain a minimum of 25 posts on ProSportsDaily before you are able to create new threads. This was done as a measure to cut down on the amount of spam accounts and threads that were being created. If you do not have this ability after 25 posts, please Private Message an administrator.

    Warnings, infraction and banning policies:

    Warnings will be handed out to users for first time offenses or cases with unique circumstances. Users are required to review the forum rules immediately after registration, although leniency will be given to new users or cases where the rule was changed and the user was unaware. Warnings will be sent via private message only once per rule, with infractions being the next step if a user fails to comply.

    Infractions are given based on a point system and used by moderators if someone is breaking a rule. Different rules carry different point values (see list below). If you receive an infraction, you are notified via private message. The infractions are stored on your profile (which only moderators can see) and will continue to accumulate. Infractions do not expire on PSD.

    Bans will be handed out based on the infractions point system. Accumulating the following amount of points will result in ban from posting on PSD for varying lengths of time:

    3 points: 3 days
    5 points: 1 week
    10 points: 2 weeks
    13 points: 3 weeks
    15 points: 1 month
    20 points: 2 months
    25 points: Lifetime Ban

    Forum Rules

    Warnings, infractions and bans can be given for violating any of the following rules:

    1. Signatures - 1 infraction
    You can only add a photo signature after you've posted 100 times.

    Size standards: Please limit the size of the photo to 500 wide x 170 tall (pixels). The photos you use should not be hot-linked. Please host them on a site such or Videos are not allowed, but GIFS can be added under the same size and amount restrictions.

    Multiple images are allowed in signatures, but only if they combine to equal no more than 500 X 170. If you don't have images, you can have up to three quotes.

    Signature Content Standards

    Signatures that show any of the following will be considered as a violation of the rules here on PSD:

    • Sexually provocative images
    • Illegal drugs
    • Curse words or images representing foul language
    • Baiting other teams or users

    For more info on signatures, go to this thread: Signature Requirements.

    2. Abusing/Misusing Smilies - 1 infraction point
    Any user who misuses the smilies to bait or troll another user will receive a warning for the first offense and an infraction for any subsequent offenses.

    3. Foul language/Filter Dodging - 1 infraction point
    The forums have a filter to keep out certain curse words. This is to keep the forum quality high, user friendly, and not violate the terms and conditions of the advertising networks. Please do not go around the filters. If you are angry during a game and curse, let the word filter out. The moderators will likely not give you trouble for this unless it becomes constant. This does not mean however you can start cursing at other posters. That is flaming/baiting. Writing anything like "banned" underneath your username will also count as going around the filters.

    4. Posting Images & Embedded Videos - 1 infraction point
    After deliberation amongst the moderating staff, we are now allowing all users to embed images and GIFs into your posts. Please follow these rules for posting images and GIFs:

    -Embedded images and GIFs must be the same size as signature images, which is 500 wide x 170 tall (pixels).

    -Images or GIFs that contain any of the following will be removed and may eventually lead to infractions that equal to the corresponding rule (i.e. baiting, trolling, racism, etc.)

    • Sexually provocative images (NSFW)
    • Illegal drugs
    • Curse words or images representing foul language
    • Baiting other teams or users
    • Violating any other rule on PSD

    5. Copyrights & Sources - 1 infraction point
    Quoting sources should be done in the following format:

    Chicago Sun-Times: "The Washington Times became the latest to float the notion that Baker is searching for a bailout. The Times published a story that claims Baker has told associates he would be open to jumping ship from the Cubs and landing in Washington, with Nationals manager Frank Robinson ascending into the GM's chair."

    Always include a link and make sure that the quote is only a couple of paragraphs hitting the key points. Do not post articles found on pay / subscription sites. That stuff is off limits.
    Note that posting links from some sources will be deleted immediately if the source is deemed unreliable in any way.

    6. Selling - 1 infraction point
    Do not use the forums to sell tickets or other merchandise. This isn't EBay.

    7. Post Padding - 1 infraction point
    Please do not post meaningless posts in an attempt to drive up your post count. This clutters the forum and lowers the quality.

    8. Off Topic. - 1 infraction point
    Please keep threads on topic. We have an off topic forum where you can talk about whatever you want, but it is important to the flow of the forums that threads remain on topic. Posts that derail a thread will be looked at as off-topic and disruptive.

    9. Thread Tags - 1 infraction point
    If you are making thread tags, please treat them like you would a thread title and enter appropriate tags. Otherwise, you are subject to an infraction.

    10. Impersonating a Moderator - 1 infraction point
    It is the moderator's job to moderate the forums. So if you are not a mod, please do not act like one. This includes calling yourself a moderator in your user title.

    11. Spoilers - 1 infraction point
    If you spoil a movie or a show for anyone without including it in the thread title, you will be given an infraction for disruptive behavior. It is not fair to spoil a show or a movie to those who may have not seen the show or the movie before.

    12. Editing Quotes - 1 infraction point
    If a user replies to a post and edits the quote in a negative fashion where it insults, baits or trolls the other poster, the user editing the quote will receive a warning. Any subsequent times where a user is caught editing a quote, they will receive an infraction or will be banned depending on the severity.

    13. Nondescript/Baiting Thread Titles- 1 infraction point

    Thread titles should be descriptive with the topic at hand, and not have a provocative title designed to make it "clickbait." Users will receive a warning for the first time and have the thread title changed by a staff member. Multiple instances will result in infractions and the possibility of having thread-making abilities removed.

    Thread titles should not be baiting or trolling in nature, and if they are, could be subjected to other infractions in those areas.

    14. Flaming - 2 infraction points
    I know things can get pretty heated when you're discussing sports, but there's no need to get personal. Anyone who engages in name-calling, baiting, etc faces warnings via infractions and an eventual ban.

    15. Baiting - 2 infraction points
    This is deliberately initiating a fight with another poster. Please keep good quality debate and don't try and coax someone into a personal fight.

    16. Trolling - 2 infraction points
    Please do not go in to any forum and post comments that are primarily intended to get a negative reaction or antagonize another poster. The trolling rules will be enforced in both the sports forums and the discussion forums. An example of trolling a sports forum would be going in to competitor’s team forum to boast about your team or trash their team.

    17. Disruptive Behavior - 2 infraction points
    Anything that appears designed to disrupt the peace and flow of the forum including personal attacks, hijacking/derailing threads and disagreeing just to cause fights will count as disruptive behavior.
    Please keep threads on topic. We have an off topic forum where you can talk about whatever you want, but it is important to the flow of the forums that threads remain on topic. Posts that derail a thread will be looked at as off-topic and disruptive.

    We want everyone to enjoy their time posting on this site. We welcome and value our posters. With that said, this site is strictly voluntary so please do not try to undermine the site with nasty posts. We want you to enjoy your time here, but posts that are made to undermine the site will be looked at as disruptive behavior.

    18. Spamming Personal Articles/Blogs/Sites - 5 points - Posting and linking to your own articles, blogs, websites, etc. across multiple forums/threads with the intent to gain views or to take posters away from the site is not allowed. However, you can share the aforementioned personal sites to share information, if you so wish. But do not use it to break news unless you are a reputable source.

    19. Duplicate Accounts - 5 infraction points
    Do not create more than one account at any point (whether you are banned or not). If you do, your account will be banned immediately. Users who create a new account while on ban will have their current ban immediately doubled and duplicate account banned permanently.

    20. Nudity/Porn - 5 infraction points
    Any type of nudity/porn posted will result in an immediate ban. It will not be tolerated by any means.

    21. Religious Discussions - 5 infraction points
    This is now allowed, as long as users are reasonable and open-minded to other users during discussion. Moderators will delete threads & posts that will cause any arguments & prevent a real discussion from taking place. Threads will be closed if they get out of hand with multiple posts require deleting. This will be monitored closely and if users fail to abide these changes, religious discussions will once again be banned from the site. Immediate bans will be handed out for users creating problems during religious discussions.

    22. Stereotyping/Prejudice Statements - 10 infraction points
    Any statements that are offensive to religion, race or persons of specific sexual orientation (including any kinds of jokes) will not be tolerated on this site and users risk an immediate ban for this type of behavior.

    23. Threats - 10 infraction points
    Making physical threats, violent threats, violent speech, suggesting posters kill themselves, etc. is abhorrent and unacceptable on PSD. It will not be tolerated. Those expressing this behavior will risk an immediate infraction and ban

    24. Racism & Bigotry - 15 infraction points
    You risk an immediate ban if your post is determined to contain Racism or Bigotry (including any kinds of jokes) of this nature including anything related to religion, sexual orientation.

    25. Spamming & Links - 15 infraction points
    Linking or promoting other forums in anyway is extremely prohibited. Users are allowed to provide links to their own blogs within their signatures as long as the blog does not promote conversation that violates any of the rules for this forum (i.e nudity, racism, bigotry).

    26. Legal/Illegal drugs - 25 infraction points
    Discussion of drugs, whether legal or illegal, is now permitted on the site. However, any user who attempts to sell/distribute/promote the sale of any drug will be infracted and banned from ProSportsDaily.

    27. Posting Personal Information - 25 points
    If any user posts any personal information on this site without the other users consent, they will be permanently banned from the site. Personal information includes a user's email address, phone numbers, home address, real name, names of family members or friends and personal pictures.

    28. Usernames – Risk lifetime ban unless changed
    Unacceptable usernames will require a change to avoid in immediate ban. Please do not bait with your username choice and ensure it does not infringe on any of the other rules for this forum.

    If you want to dispute your ban, you may e-mail us through this form. Please be sure to include your username and any links in question of the situation.

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    Rule #4 on embedding images and GIFs updated to show that we now allow this, but have very strict rules to follow for using them in posts.

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    New minimum post requirements for creating threads has been changed from 100 to 25, effective 1-3-18.

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    New infraction added.

    #23 Threats - 10 infraction points

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