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    Quote Originally Posted by likemystylez View Post
    LMAO- well nobody ever has data on "what will happen from now"
    Except you said he was "surely turning into ... Greg Oden" and you have a tendency to take kind of extreme pessimist takes.

    To me (assuming good health):

    Poole's floor is a bench microwave scorer who is occasionally inefficient and occasionally dominant. His peak is CJ McCollum.

    Moody looks like he has potential to be a good not great NBA all around starter. A 3-D player should be his floor, an overall positive on offense and defense with decent shooting and passing and team and individual defense is his peak.

    Kuminga's floor is a defensive beast, his peak is superstar.

    Wiseman's floor is a rebounding, defending, dunking big ... JaVale McGee. His peak is Joel Embiid.

    The fact that the Warriors have that positive a future and are only down 1 1st round pick and 1 2nd round pick over the next 5 years is frankly pretty amazing.

    Imagine them drafting someone like Moussa Diabate or Jeremy Sochan in the next draft then you have a possible starting 5 of under 21 year olds of Poole, Moody, Kuminga, Diabate, Wiseman.
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