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    Prosecutors to drop charges against Rockies' Jose Reyes

    Maui prosecutors are moving to dismiss a domestic abuse charge against suspended Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes because his wife isn't cooperating.

    Deputy prosecuting attorney Kerry Glen said she expects to file documents Wednesday to drop the case. Reyes' wife won't talk to prosecutors or return to Maui, she said.

    "The complaining witness, Mr. Reyes' wife, is what we call an uncooperative witness," Glen said. "At this point, I have no other avenue for prosecution."

    Source: ESPN

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    Hope the Rockies can trade him after his suspension is served. What a terrible trade for the Rockies.

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    Arvada, Colorado
    Good for him, but bad for the Rockies. So dumb taking on his contract. Monfort can pay for crap SSs and party decks, but God forbid they use any sort of resource positively.

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