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    LeBron James, Kyrie Irving say Cavaliers need to prepare for more adversity

    The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted an Indiana Pacers team on Monday that came into the game having lost three out of four games and with their star, Paul George, telling reporters “there’s no toughness” on his team.

    The Cavs, meanwhile, also losers of three of four, prefaced the game with guard J.R. Smith telling reporters his level of concern was “extremely high” and questioning whether the team even deserved to wear the wine and gold uniforms placed in their lockers every night.

    And thousands of miles away, out in the San Francisco Bay Area, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green was apologizing to his teammates on the league-leading 53-5 squad for flipping out at halftime of their epic overtime win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday.

    Source: ESPN

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    LeBron James, Kyrie Irving say Cavaliers need to prepare for more adversity

    How is the Dray incident has anything to do with the Cavs unless you are insinuating the Cavs need to apologize publicly for not playing their best. Or maybe they need someone to yell at their team like Dray did to lift their team when down.

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    All this turmoil talk is just fodder for them to motivate themselves for the Playoff stretch. I mean regular season seeding be damned. The Cavs will be judged on what they do come playoff time. And that is it.

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