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That is a dumb way to put it. Put any of those QB's on this team and we have more wins. Hell, put Keenum on this team and we are better.

And yes I would still be complaining, I'm a viking fan, At least 1 that is realistic.

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Cousins was on your list this offseason it seemed and you were talking about Bradford being a great pickup etc. lol. Keenum has fallen off like many tried to tell you guys last season, our cast/OC were propping him up a bit.

You called Zimmer our Marvin Lewis despite him not making it past the wildcard weekend once in 13 years. Despite his main success coming because Zim was his DC. Many differences but your bias towards certain people often gets in the way of any legitimate reasoning.

Most of us are vikings fans and all of us have some bias. Instead of telling people how realistic your opinions are comparatively maybe a better start would be backing them up with anything relevant (data/stats/articles etc). Or you know go ahead and tell us how great of a pickup Bradford was again because that's super realistic to you.