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    I liked what the Texans did in the Draft. I really wanted Hunter Henry, but there's nothing they could have done to get him in the second. Taking him with the #22 pick would seem like a huge reach, but they really need an upgrade on the TE position.

    I like Fuller's speed. His drops are definitely a concern, but if he can overcome that, he's a perfect fit for this offense.

    Martin is a day 1 starter, and he'll creat some nice competition at the C/G positions.

    Braxton is a really intriguing pick. He might need some time to develop, but once he does, his playmaking ability will make him a great weapon for O'Brien.

    RB was far from a need, but Ervin was, in my opinion, their best value pick. Dillon and Reader also have some good potential.

    I'm not worried about the safeties as some are. I love the Demps/Hal duo. They played really good together last year. I also like Pleasant.
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    well, we have speed now. Brock has a lot of weapons at his disposal, so he better hit the ground running

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