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    Quote Originally Posted by AirPippen33 View Post

    Do you have any idea why a team didn't want to put a 7 footer on Dirk? I want you to answer that. What would it do to the teams defense?

    His best scoring seasons PER SHOT were actually when Don Nelson coached him because Don would have him on the low block half the game. I'm not exhaggerating at all when I say that. It was Avery who didn't like the post up offense and went more to a guard oriented jumpshooting offense. Eventhough Dirk had already proved to be a great post up player. Remember it was Avery that pulled Dampier and Diop in the 07 Playoffs. He went with Dirk at the 5 and 4 guards. It played into GS's hands because GS had the better guards.

    Dirk was a post up player from day one. Ask Charles Barkley in the 98-99 Season.

    Dirk was even more of a post player than Garnett was.

    Dirk was a mismatch problem for opposing team from day one. Because he was 7 feet, could post up and could shoot. He had it all. He could even drive.

    you're just listening to BS media that thought they had to make excuses for Avery in 05, 06 and 07 so the meida liking Avery a lot and much more than Dirk decided to make up things and lie. Dirk was a post up freak in 01-02-03... o4 he didn't get the ball much with ball hog walker on the team, but once again a post up freak in 05 and then Avery started to just like jumpshots with Terry mainly. Avery was a horrible coach. The media loved him though because he worked at ESPN, NBA TV for several years and he'd been in a few movies.

    Dirk could post up every season.

    the reason they finally won a title is because they the West wasn't as great finally and the East was horrible and they didn't rig the 11 Finals. So he finally got his ring. They didn't rig it against him like they did in 06.
    What the ????

    What Dirk did you watch? Early Dirk was before he bulked up to play in the post.

    Guy had 1/3 of his shots early on come from beyond the arc. pick and pop, screen and step back, slow trail on the fast break and stop at the 3pt line as the d all had collapsed inside. Or take guys off the dribble on the face up, or cut to the hole and get shots at the rim. He was playing more point forward early on too switching that role with Finley before Nash took over at PG. Basically lived at the top of the key too.

    They'd play him on the perimeter all the time, he'd take bigs off the dribble, or they'd collapse off him when Nash and Finley went to the rack and he'd be there open.

    There's a 33 point game from him in a win over the Jazz in the 2000 playoffs and a 45 point game of his over the Spurs in 2001. Every single score of his. Once you see him posting someone up and that's when John Stockton gets switched up on him (and he kicks it out to Nash for an open shot).

    I think it was 04 or 05 when the Mavs traded for Walker and Jameson and Dirk moved to center when he really bulked up and started playing some back to the basket with consistency and started going to that turn around jumper, and it slowly started growing more and more after that, but we are talking post-Finley when he really made that a consistent part of his game.
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    I know 9-10 years ago sounds like when he was young, but Dirk started out backing up AC Green. 9-10 years ago was his mid career.
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    that is a toss up, but I would take lebron

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    LeBron obviously

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    What about the HEAD TO HEAD of which Garnett beat lebron in his absolute atheletic prime and probably shooting prime aswell. Garnett was pretty much past his prime even at that time. I know Garnett had the better team, but still. They held Lebron to like 12 points in one of those games.

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