One year removed from a surprise campaign, and McClendon will get the ax. It seems a bit out there to get rid of him, but considering what their new GM went through in Anaheim, it doesn't surprise me that he would like to get his own guy on the bench.

Lloyd McClendon is expected to be replaced as Mariners manager, according to people familiar with the situation.

McClendon is a holdover from the hierarchy of former general manager Jack Zduriencik, and it is believed new Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto will decide to bring in his own manager. That decision is expected to come fairly soon.

Dipoto, according to sources, has been carefully considering this move. McClendon is said to have an excellent relationship with the Mariners' big stars so it's a bit tricky. Robinson Cano likes McClendon so much, in fact, that the manager was part of his sales pitch to get Nelson Cruz to go there. Dipoto took the time to get to know McClendon over the past week, but it never seemed likely McClendon would be retained.

McClendon's Mariners missed the playoffs by one game last year, going 87-75 his first year in Seattle. But they were a disappointing 76-86 this season, leading to the dismissal of Zduriencik, who hired McClendon.

McClendon was previously the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

As was mentioned in Inside Baseball last week, Tim Bogar, who followed Dipoto to Anaheim last year, would be expected to be a prime candidate for the manager job.

McClendon has one year left to go on his contract at $1 million.