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Yeah, but you also have to factor in that Graf would've likely had a lower Win%, especially in Grand Slams, along w less Grand Slams.

I've updated Serena's #'s, WTA pending her participation next month.
I'd like to correct you on something you said.
You said Navratilova was past her prime when steffi was playing her?
LMAO. Sorry, that is false.
In 1983 thru 1990, Navratilova was indeed in her prime. Graf had to face this 18 time grand slam opponent many times.
The first 5 years graf was on the tour, Navratilova was DOMINANT, destroying everybody.
Winning grand slams left and right.
So you are way way off on your comments here.
And, you failed to note that the average grand slam opponent for graf, was light years tougher and better than serena's average grand slam opponent.
Not even close
In fact, 8 out of 10 of serena's last grand slam opponents? Were never in a grand slam final!!!!
Steffi's average grand slam opponent had multiple slam championships!!!
I've studied this game,
Trust me, you are way way off in your knowledge here.
During steffi's era, the women's game saw a glorious renaissance and tremendous talent.
Serena's era has been anemic at best.
For you to not understand this? Tells me you may not have studied this game as well as I have.
What say you?