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    All aboard the bandwagon!

    The haters have had their way with Royals fans all summer. If you look at attendance figures, you'll find the Royals well over the 2 million mark....averaging around 36,000 per game, and an increased net average per game tops in all of baseball. In fact, the Royals plus figure is more than that of the numbers 2 and 3 teams combined!

    ESPN concluded that the Royals were a fluke last season, and that James Shields and Billy Butler represented the bulk of Kansas City's talent. Using that supreme intelligence, they concluded the Royals would finish fourth in the American League Central with a 75-89 of this moment, they have a 75-48 record.....the best in the American League. They have a 12.5 game lead on 2nd place Minnesota. The Twins havent been mathematically eliminated yet, but I feel safe in saying that the Royals have the central sewed up.

    All of baseball complained when 7 Royals were the leading vote getters for the AL all star game....and even insisted that voting be fixed to disallow legally placed votes so that votes from highly supportive fans wouldnt count. Royals twitter even somewhat manipulated the NL Cardinals players in for an all Missouri all star game. (you may notice the Cards have the best W-L record in the NL)

    Royals fans have been there all along. We were there for 29 years while they sucked, were there when the one year we looked decent was washed away by a strike, and have been here for the 8 years Dayton Moore had been asking us to trust "the process". Royals fans began popping up all around the country this year....even today you could see quite a few of the faithful decked out in blue in the stands at Fenway Park. It's can come out now....there is nothing to be ashamed of, no reason to wear the paper bag over your heads any longer. The Royals are the model in baseball, and everyone else knows it. The Yankees wish they were the do the Tigers, Angels, Rangers, and Orioles!

    With the additions of Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto, the Royals are equipped to make another deep playoff run. Alex Gordon played in his first minor league rehab game today, and Yordano Ventura has probably benefited the most from Cueto's addition. There are only 5 players hotter than Eric Hosmer right now, and Kendrys Morales has been just what the doctor ordered.

    Oh yeah.....and the bullpen is still virtually unhittable.

    The other teams fans can talk all they want, but they only do so because they envy where our team is. We didnt buy it, we didnt steal it....and we had to overpay for most of it.....but, here we are.

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