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Thread: Draft day moves

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    Draft day moves

    What do you guys think?????
    We got this!!!

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    Dead, just like this thread.

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    I went to the Islanders prospects scrimmage last night. Some highlights:

    - Barzal is the real deal. He is going to be an excellent NHL center. Mark my words.

    - Jo-Sang was the crowd favorite. He is so quick and explosive. He will be a good player but needs to play under more control. Impressive showing from him, but he needs work still.

    - Dal-Colle looked like he was just coasting. I watched him also on TV in a playoff game against McDavid's team and I saw the same thing so its not just him taking it easy in the scrimmage. He probably plays harder than it looks to the naked eye, but he doesn't seem like one of those high energy type of players and I have yet to see him play with physicality. He looked really big out there which is a plus and I know he has skill, but it wouldn't shock me in the NHL game is too fast for him right now. He looked slow at times with the puck. I don't want to be too negative because he had some nice passes and the skill is there so maybe he will improve.

    - Ryan Pulok was just alright. To be fair though, he wasn't hitting anyone in the scrimmage and also looked like he was coasting, but he also displayed his skill at times and for a defender... wow. He went coast to coast at one point and made a pretty assist. Also in the skills competition after the scrimmage, he ripped a 105 MPH slap shot. He has the skill that Boychuk lacks and the huge shot so I can see him being a big PP presence.

    - Our 2nd pick from this year was also impressive. He scored a couple of goals off of amazing Jo-Sang passes.

    Fun scrimmage to watch. The biggest thing I took away form it was Mathew Barzal. He was seriously skating circles around people and yet was under full control of himself the whole time. His quick decisions were something to behold. He was at another level. I wouldn't be shocked if he shot right through our system and jumped right past some of our other, "more NHL ready" prospects.
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    Wow, you just won't let this go will you? I'd be more than happy to provide the numbers again if you'd like. The fact is that Marmol in his best season, put up one of the greatest performances by a reliever in the history of baseball. Better than Rivera? Youre damn right. You can't deny this.

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