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    All star game voting - 7 Royals?

    First off, I'm a Mets fan first, but the Royals have always been my second team cuz my dad is from there so I grew up watching KC and NYM... So I'm not here to start trouble...

    Right now there are 7, mostly undeserving, Royals in line to start the all star game. KC fans really should stop stuffing the ballot with KC players regardless of their performance.

    I want KC to make the WS again and with my Mets unlikely to do so, I'm rooting for KC all the way.

    If you want the Royals to have home field advantage, spread the word. AL needs the best players on the field the longest to have the best chance.

    That's all.

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    Nov 2013
    Maybe you should pay closer attention?

    The Royals were undefeated in the American League Championship series

    The Royals lost the World Series in 7 games because they couldnt hit Baumgardner

    The Royals have multiple gold glove winners on the roster

    The Royals have the best current record in the American League

    Royals fans used the same rules everyone else used to vote for their favorite players.

    I voted.....did you?

    The Royals players elected to the all star roster are, indeed, the best players in the league at their position....there is even a case to be made that Salvador Perez is the best catcher in baseball....although Cardinals fans will argue

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