The NBA fans and medias love LBJ so much when he just break into NBA, even when he refused to shake hand when he lost a playoff series with Magics, also defend and refuse to apologized next day...but why the tide turned?

Well, LBJ formed a super team by orchestrated with Wade and Bosh in Miami. Sure you will cheer if you are a Heat fans, but you definitely hated if you are the fan of other 29 NBA teams.

LBJ basically is a shameless opportunist. He dump Caves to form a super NBA team so he took an easy way out for a ring. Then when the Heat supporting cast getting old, he bailed...he went to a young and potent young supporting roster...he didn't "Go Home", he wouldn't go back to Cleveland if Caves has a roster as Knicks...LBJ didn't go home, he took another easy way out, he go to Caves for their roster for more rings!

Well, some LBJ supporter might say...hey, Malone and Payton joined Lakers for Shaq and Kobe...but let us exam it more, both of them are at their last leg of their NBA career, and LBJ is still in his PRIME!

Think about it, it's like Dominique Wilkins calling Reggie Miller, Barkley and Ewing to join Jazz with Stockton and Malone at their prime to get easy rings...

Think about that...LBJ is a shameless opportunist. I hope LBJ never get another NBA ring!