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    The Boogie Down
    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye15 View Post
    is that because you like the quasi political message of those first 2?

    Arguing action movies is awesome, because you can't go wrong..
    Nah thatís just coincidence I guess. Those top two just are some of my favorite action movies ever and I never get bored of watching them.

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    Tenet, 7/10

    What the **** did I just watch? Interesting concept, really cool cinematography, solid performances, and a completely unintelligible plot.

    Definitely not one of Nolan's best. Though maybe it'd make some more sense on a rewatch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye15 View Post
    Raw Deal
    Running Man
    Kindergarten Cop
    Predator (top 5 action movie ever)
    Terminator (top 5 as well)
    Total Recall
    True Lies
    Jingle all the Way (Minnesota homer on this)

    All legit movies I love, and will always watch
    You won't get an argument from me, I love Jingle All The Way. I am looking forward to whenever Triplets comes out. I even liked the last two Terminator movies, but I know I am in the minority.

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