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    Jul 2014

    *** all-star game effort ***

    The regular season recommenced last night after an extended six day All-Star break. I assume most of you would have watched the All-Star game and possibly the other events which included the three-point shooting, dunk and skills contest, rising stars challenge, all-star game practices and celebrity game. I did not, instead catching up on games I had missed throughout the week.

    1. Should players show a little more effort in the All-Star game? I know it is a time for them to relax a little given the grind of the previous 50-odd games and looking forward to the remainder of the season and I am not asking them to play 100% (dive for loose balls, take charges e.t.c.), but surely they could try a bit more on defense (not just stand back and let people take wide-open three's and alley-oops)? Now, I am an offensive fan, but to me there is nothing entertaining about this.

    2. What other events would you like to see during All-Star Weekend? I would like to see a 1v1 contest. I know this would be more tiring, but they could just make it first to 7 and both players have to have an equal number of possessions, possibly with timeouts during the matchup? I think this would be much more exciting.
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    Jan 2014
    A 1v1 tournament been mentioned alot and it'd be the best all-star event in sports, as far as am concerned, but not much hope of the player's union agreeing.

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    Nov 2012
    remove skills challenge, shooting stars, less breaks, less comercials, no 3 point line in all star game otherwise its going to be an ingame three point contest. 1v1 contest sounds pretty awesome but the problem is that youre having a dream scenario where lebron and durant enter the contest for example but most of the times its gonna end up with 2 bench players you never heard of

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    the 1v1 contest would be the same thing though. players wouldnt try very hard for fear of their egos getting bruised. so if it happened like said above ^ it would be at best middle of the road players. which still wouldnt be terrible. get some good ball handlers. could still be fun. Sebastien Telafir vs Ricky Rubio. flashy dribbling busts .. id still watch.




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