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I agree that some of the luster has been lost but he could get it back with an impressive win over Aldo, Edgar, or RDA. He was winning the Diaz fight and made a crucial mistake on the ground that ended up costing him the fight and the aura of invincibility, which was completely unrealistic in the first place. He'll be back...
I agree he could get some of it back but his thing was being this unstopable fighter. If he grabbed some first round knockouts and/or another belt then I think that would change how I see him but the circumstances in that loss was about as bad as it could get. You had a fighter in Nate who wasnt ranked inside the top 3 in his division, who was coming in on 2 weeks notice and had no sparring before the fight, and who was dominated by the champ who Conor was going to fight before the injury.

Also I agree Conor was winning the fight but he was gassing and honestly I think he was lucky it was a sub because if it went another round he was getting tagged hard enough to get put out. He had already been rocked and hit with some hard shots, his takedown was desperation and I feel like it was less of a mistake on his part and more his lack of skill on the ground<Nates JJ.