So the main reason I started this thread is because I am wondering what the noise is about Jamal Crawford being on the verge of being traded. Does anybody have any information on this? What are the terms and to who? I would likely die if this happens and especially if it's for peanuts.

I like our team right now, I would love a backup PG and a backup PF.... I was hoping for two key signings in Nate Robinson and Stat, but Stat is now a Maverick. I'd be interested in having Jamal Crawford replaced with a hybrid forward like Harrison Barnes, who'd be good at 3 or 4 and either as a starter or off the bench. Maybe we'd even get some Barns Brothers hype?!

Sorry for the horrible title to the thread. I don't post hardly ever, especially lately. Wake up guys! I think this is a big year for us!