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    We're running an NFL All Time Redraft here at PSD. We're looking for more teams.

    If you're not aware of how this works, the short of spend a couple/three weeks (it's not much time each day or anything, just check in here and there) drafting a team from the pool of every NFL player ever. It's a ton of fun and you learn SO much about NFL history. The most fun game I've ever done here and I've done a lot.

    It will take some dedication and some time but everyone is super cool to anyone new, myself and others will honestly help with anything.

    So yeah. Sign up!
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    Boobs. I was eating *** one time and she farted

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    11 more days till training camp
    No better time for your Mod to show up again
    BOOO! Stay away, I like the wild Wild West anything goes style we have goin on

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    At this point I think there's very little I can do to stop it

    Welcome Back Sweet Prince

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