What do you think of the 2015 offseason this year?

On 1/19/15 the Astros traded CF Fowler to the Cubs for 3b Luis Valbuena and RHP Dan Straily. At this time I like it because Valbuena has the 3B job unless if there is a meltdown in spring training. Dominguez is not the best 3B but could be serviceable off the bench.

On 1/20/15 the Astros signed Colby Rasmus from the Blue Jays. He has some pop from the left side and plays a decent CF. He had some hype when coming up he is a former 1st round pick by the Cardinals. I think this is an upgrade over Fowler and less money we were paying Fowler.

On 1/21/15 the Astros traded C Corporan to the Rangers for RHP Akeem Bostik which to me is meh because he isn't a good pitcher but neither was Corporan as a catcher.

Evan Gattis traded to the Astros (not sure the exact date but recent). Traded for Mike Foltynewics as the focal point of the trade. Last year he hit .263 22 HR and 52 RBI's. He will most likely play LF from what I have been reading but can play multiple positions.

The Astros also signed Vogelsong. Even though he is nothing special he is an inning eater and had 184 innings last year.

The Astros are trying to build a power team with these moves which I like. They were also in on the David Robertson fa. He was the nice closer from NY Yankees that ultimately signed with the White Sox. I like the fact that the Astros are opening the wallet and are trying to put a team together.