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    Jun 2007
    San Diego

    Matt Kemp headed to the Padres

    As a season ticket holder and just a baseball fan in general, its good to see some excitement in the lineup.

    Biggest thing the Padres need is for him to stay healthy.

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    Feb 2007
    Will you Padres fans accept a new convert?
    I've been a life long Dodgers fan, but they've broken my heart one too many times to stick with them.
    I hope Kemp kills them every time he faces them. I hope this deal haunts them for the rest of Kemps career.

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    Jan 2011
    Good trade for the Padres, especially with the $32 million in cash thrown in. Grandal was going to be traded anyway and Kemp adds a legit piece to the lineup.

    Make Pete Rose An Offer He Cannot Refuse

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