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    Quote Originally Posted by FLeays View Post
    Yeah, I just can't see Hernandez being in the OF on a competing Jays teams. We don't really see players that are that bad with the glove improving defensively. Eric Thames was pretty atrocious in the outfield and was signed by the Brewers to play 1B. I think IF Hernandez has a spot on this team it won't be in LF, it would either be at 1B or DH and it is a stretch to think that will happen unless he sustains the production that he had at the beginning of the season.

    I think we're more likely to see the last part of your post in that Hernandez's ceiling is probably to roam the OF of an AAA squad. DSJ or maybe Alford (if he can't progress) might be the most likely of becoming the 4 outfielder. Personally I could see Biggio patrolling the LF for the Jays if he actually makes it to the show.
    Teoscar is probably the best evidence that Ramirez isnt really a legit prospect however, because Teoscar still by all accounts is a better defensive outfielder than Ramirez and according to Manuel, has MLB standards has more proven power.

    the difference is that we have had the chance to view up close Teoscars limits, whereas with Ramirez we havent. I wouldnt give up on Teoscar, simply because his basic tools are better and he can still refine those tools..

    on the whole I dont see any of those 7 being in the core of the next championship caliber Blue Jays squad with the possible exception of Mckinney simply because he was drafted as a CF and and his overall tools are better, as are Alford's. the main difference is Anthony has been jerked around so often that its hurt his development.

    What id like to see is.McKinney and Alford as every day starters next year, We're not winning anything This Year anyway, give them the benefit of a real commitment like Cashman did with Torres and Andujar, then they could blossom. opportunity is a key component of success, and its time they got the boost that comes with knowing youll be in there every day
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    If anything you get to see what you have. Give Alford and whoever the ABs, see them through their ups and downs and see if anything sticks. Next year's goal should be top 5 draft pick and seeing what the young guys have to show.

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