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    NBA All-Time Redraft (1) Los Santos vs (8) Seaside

    Hello Everyone. Welcome to the NBA All-time redraft playoffs. These will be a battle between two made up teams from our host of GMs in to see who reigns superiority over all of basketball. Please read the write-ups and vote for who you think would win in a 7 game series.

    Los Santos Has Homecourt Advantage!

    Los Santos Depth Chart
    PG: Jason Kidd/Sam Cassell
    SG: Ray Allen/World B. Free/Otis Birdsong
    SF: Ron Artest/Paul Arizin/Antoine Walker
    PF: Clifford Robinson/Charles Oakley/Antoine Walker
    C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Al Jefferson

    PG: Kevin Johnson
    SG: George Gervin
    SF: Steve Smith
    PF: Buck Williams
    C: David Robinson

    6th: Spencer Haywood
    7th: Andrei Kirilenko
    8th: Michael Ray Richardson
    B: Sleepy Floyd
    B: Jack Twyman
    B: Anthony Davis
    B: Zydrunas Ilgauskas

    Los Santos Writeup:
    Congratulations to Valade16 on making it to the playoffs, but His entry into the playoffs will be short lived and here is why.
    Jason Kidd vs Kevin Johnson

    Who would've thought that one time Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, and Steve Nash were all on the same team at one time, but who had the better career?

    Jason Kidd has been to the playoffs practically every year in the league, A Whopping 17 straight seasons in the playoffs, that is a pretty amazing feat for one to accomplish. Kidd wasn't really known for his scoring but he could still average in his prime 14.5 points a game and he was also one of the best 3 Point Shooters ever averaged 34.9% of his 3's and 3rd in the All Time 3 Point Field Goals made list, only behind Reggie Miller at 2 and Ray Allen at 1 who is also on my team. Its not just Kidd's 3 point shooting ability that makes him great he is also one of the best dimers in the game, 2nd behind John Stockton, Kidd setting up easy passes to Ray Allen who drops the 3 Pointer with ease, or he could dish the ball to Artest, Robinson, or The All Time Scoring Leader Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Just wait, there is still more to Kidd, Defensively Kidd is 2nd in All Time Steals behind Stockton again. Now for Kevin Johnson, Almost the same can be said about his Defense and passing and even lights up multiple stats on any given night but he could never really control a game, Kevin Johnson has 1 key element in his game that may just plague him in a series against my team and that he liked to drive in the lane a lot then dish back out to set up a teammate for an open 3 but that is going to be very difficult when you have some of the greatest defenders on the other team in Jason Kidd, Ron Artest, and Kareem.

    Ray Allen vs George Gervin

    Most of you know Ray Allen because of his great ability to take and hit the 3 point shot right? Well do you guys remember when he use to play for the Bucks and Supersonics? He was one of the most underrated scorers back then and not to mention he could hit the 3 with ease. Ray was so diverse on the offensive side of the ball and also did quite well on the defensive side also. He also happens to have a ton of playoff and Championship experience 2 Time NBA Champion and still has a very good shot at making it a 3rd time as he is trying to win another with the Heat again. Just dont forget was never just a 3 point shooter. The thing about Gervin is that he was a scoring machine, He made an impossible shot look easy. He was the 1st ever guard to win 3 scoring titles in a row, He won 4 over his career, quite impressive for one to accomplish, but Gervin was really only known for just his scoring, he wasnt much of a passer he never had more than 4 Assist per game average in any season. So how can you stop one of the greatest scorers ever? Well you can put one of the greatest Defensive players of all time on him in Ron Artest, 2004 Defensive Payer of the Year, 2 Time 1st All NBA Defensive Team and 2 Time 2nd All Defensive Team.

    Ron Artest vs. Steve Smith

    As Stated above Artest is a great defensive player, He was also very efficient from the 3 point line, Artest was also very efficient within the 3 point line shooting .449% that is fairly good but Im not going to talk much about Artest because he was already mentioned earlier. Steve Smith was one of those players that was average offensively average FG%, their isnt really that much that stands out about Smith other than he won an NBA Championship in 2003, Ray Allen will be the guy to guard Smith, Allen shouldn't have too much of a problem guarding him. Their is a reason why Artest was taken way earlier in the draft than Smith.
    Clifford Robinson vs Buck Williams

    Clifford Robinson was underrated in my eyes when he played, Robinson is what you call a stretch Power Forward, From 1994-1996 Clifford was a 20 PPG guy, those were his best years in the NBA in terms of scoring, Clifford meshes perfectly with my team because he spaces the floor for others like Kareem, Kidd, Allen, and Artest. Robinson can hit the 3, defend, and score. Backing up and Platooning in situations is a New York Knick great Charles Oakley, Oakley is even better defensively than Robinson and could definitely stop Buck Williams from scoring too much. Buck Williams is a studd defensively although he is undersized for the position but being undersized may just plague him in this series. Williams racked up a lot of rebounds during his career but it will get extremely tough when guys like Artest, Robinson/Oakley, and Kareem are doing the same thing.

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs David Robinson

    Now this will be the most interesting match-up as the 2 best players from the respective teams will be going at it head to head. Both were great scorers, both were great team leaders, and both were exceptional defensively. It's a shame that these two never got to play against each other. Kareem is known as the greatest Center of all time, he dominated all most every single guy he was against during his time, there were a few that got to Kareem but nobody dominated Kareem, NOBODY. Kareem is regarded as the 2nd best player ever in NBA/ABA history only behind the great Michael Jordan.

    Conclusion: Los Santos should dominate this series, there really is no real threat on his Seaside other that the Admiral, but he has to deal with an even greater Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I view my team like what the magic were a few years ago with Dwight, Lewis, Hedo, and Nelson.[/QUOTE]

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    Can someone close this forgot poll!!

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    Los santos wins but some of that write up made me laugh.
    Spurs Sim league
    2 time Champion 653-331

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    Mods closed wrong thread wtf

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    Closing.. My fault

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