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    lol. I was thinking to myself, hey this looks like one of those topics I used to make. lo and behold, it's my old post. good find. I haven't played ball in years (outside a short xmas game) . pretty sure I have a knee injury ive ignored for awhile too.

    i still think I'll dunk one day. I also still have goat vision

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    parts unknown
    I also have retired since this thread was made. The achilles is just too weak.
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    I'm a 6'3 rim rocking power forward
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    I'm a pass first type of player but as far as 5 positions I usually play at the 2 (SG) or the 3 (SF) at an under size of 5'11 and a half well 6 ft basically but I like to get my teammates involved

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    Just ended up playing in the league here at GTMO. Our team was not very good, I'd say we had 4 genuinely good players but unfortunately we lost one just as we gained the other so we only ever played with 3. We went 4-11. I was our leading scorer, generally our only reliable 3 point shooter.

    Also, had a legitimate buzzer beater 3pt game winner our second game from about 2 feet behind the 3pt line. The play before that the other team had an and 1 from the corner 3 to go up 2. That shot was really good and very clutch, but unfortunately for them, they left some time on the clock.

    It was fun, but I am no longer able to carry a team offensively anymore. I definitely need to revert to the 2nd or 3rd option at this point lol

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    Dec 2005
    Rogers Centre
    I still get out and play once a week at the age of 30. Was a shooter and nothing else in high school but then started to add to my game as I got older. Now I'd say I'm more of a pass first player. I really like getting the ball in the post and have become a really good passer out of it. I have about 3 moves that I go to when I want to score in there. I'm only 5'11" but I weigh 185 lbs so I can throw my weight around.
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