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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel0227 View Post
    I like it. I flipped on the Computer this morning and was reading where Floyd switched from replacing meats to seafood and has dropped from 330 to 300. This makes me wonder about such a strong choice of diet and Zimmers true plan for Floyd. DE? DT might be a high priority. Two things I noticed about the depth in Cinn and it seemed to focus on CB and DT. CB depth was filled with very very good names. Also was DT.
    Ya, we addressed the need of DT with Linval, but what if Zimmer does move Griffen to SLB? and what if Floyd is on the move to DE? Floyd is very quick and moves well for a big guy.
    Who knows.
    I'm just glad the draft is almost here and we can all see whats up in Minn.
    I am so glad though, to see my team finally have a coach who has such a bright, bright future.
    I think Zimmer wanted Floyd to slim down because he wants his 3 technique as quick as possible. G. Atkins plays around 290 I believe. I don't really know what to make of Floyd as a player, he is still a big unknown. I'm more confident in Cole and Sendjo at this point then I am Floyd.

    I wonder if the Vikings wouldn't draft A. Donald. We did flirt with Melton. The guy is a disruptive force inside the line, exactly the type of player Zimmer covets. A draft of Donald and Shazier would give this Defense a dominant front 7. I think that D line would be well beyond what Seattle put out last year, with the same 7 man rotation possible, although I believe Griffen and Robison are to good to be taken off it. Then I'd start Cole and Shazier outside and Brinkley in the middle. Brinkley is the kind of downhill Thumper Zimmer likes at ILB.

    As for CB I think Cox might have been a very sneaky good signing. Zimmer's a DB guy, and signed 2 CB's, a big one (Cox) and a nickel. I don't have CB and S as high on my needs list as some.
    1. DT Aaron Donald -very underrated prospect.
    2. OLB R. Shazier -playmaking sideline to sideline 3 down linebacker
    3. QB Mettenberger -might not get him here, depends on when the top 4 go, if we can't get him target L. Thomas, both can deliver this team a vertical passing game.
    3. OG C. Richardson -a mauler
    4. WR L Jones -Mettenberger's teammate might fall because of slow a slow 40, great hands and YAC ability
    5. QB L. Thomas -to much potential to not take a flyer on since we drafted a P and K at this spot the last 2 years
    6. Brock Vereen -a centerfield FS to back up Smith
    7. A DE

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    south central illinios
    found this on walter football i surely have to think if the viking did this draft spielman would be fired imeaditly after the draft


    Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr, DE/OLB, UCLA
    The Vikings would love Blake Bortles to just fall to them at No. 8. Unfortunately, that does not happen here, so they'll have to look elsewhere. Derek Carr would be a possibility, but given that the current front office has been around for a while, it may just settle on a player at a different position.

    Anthony Barr is a strong possibility. The Vikings need to bolster their pass rush in the wake of losing Jared Allen in free agency, and Anthony Barr, whom some consider to be a better prospect than Khalil Mack, would be a great fit as a pass-rushing linebacker in Mike Zimmer's scheme.

    Minnesota Vikings: Louis Nix, NT, Notre Dame
    Kevin Williams is gone, so the Vikings will need another defensive tackle to pair with Sharrif Floyd and Linval Joseph. Louis Nix is the top player available. Besides, it seems like Rick Spielman is contractually obligated to pick a Notre Dame player in every draft.

    Minnesota Vikings: Tom Savage, QB, Pittsburgh
    The Vikings will obviously have to go with a quarterback on Day 2 if they pass on one at No. 8. Tom Savage and Zach Mettenberger are in play as great fits for Norv Turner's offense.


    Minnesota Vikings: Craig Loston, S, LSU
    The Vikings did a good job of addressing their pedestrian secondary this offseason, but they still need a safety next to Harrison Smith.

    Minnesota Vikings: Devonta Freeman, RB, Florida State
    The Vikings need some depth behind Adrian Peterson with Toby Gerhart gone.

    Minnesota Vikings: Telvin Smith, OLB, Florida State
    The Vikings have just one sure thing at linebacker, and that would be Chad Greenway, who is coming off an awful season.


    Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Steen, G, Alabama
    The Vikings can help their new quarterback (as well as Adrian Peterson) with improved interior offensive line play. Charlie Johnson, the weak link on the unit, was retained, but he can't be a starter anymore. Vladimir Ducasse was added, but he may just be a backup.

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    I know it is not likely looking at all the experts but it is possible that teams over reach for QB's and also go for the O lineman and he drops in our lap.....

    8 OLB KHALIL MACK BUFFALO - Beginning of our new purple people eaters.....

    40 CB BRADLEY ROBY OHIO STATE - again a drop we were not expecting but falls in our lap and we gladly accept.

    72 ILB CHRIS BORLAND WISCONSIN - Some questions about his health also drop him to us and we are in the value mode and take him

    96 G DAKOTA DOZIER FURMAN - need pick and we pull the trigger.

    108 DE KAREEM MARTIN NORTH CAROLINA - Adds some depth at the DE.

    148 CB WALT AIKENS LIBERTY - small school big talent.

    184 QB STEPHEN MORRIS MIAMI - We take a great arm and questionable decision maker in hopes he can make steps to be the man. If he doesn't progress there are a TON of good QB's in next years draft.

    223 RB ISAIAH CROWELL ALABAMA STATE - again great talent on small school.

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    Idk if Martin drops into the forth an to be honest he is going to be a steal whoever snags him he's an absolute beast

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    Quote Originally Posted by KB71 View Post
    Idk if Martin drops into the forth an to be honest he is going to be a steal whoever snags him he's an absolute beast
    I agree. He's a second round talent. Third would be a steal.

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    Too hard to anticipate trades so I'm just going with as is for now unless there trades before the draft starts tomorrow. Just going to do Top 10 and 3 rounds for Vikes.

    1. Texans - Clowney
    2. Rams - Watkins
    3. Jags - Manziel
    4. Browns - Bortles
    5. Raiders - Evans
    6. Falcons - Mack
    7. Bucs - Robinson
    8. Vikings - Clinton-Dix
    9. Bills - Mathews
    10. Lions - Barr

    2. Vikes - Xavier Su'a-Filo
    3. Vikes - Tom Savage
    3. Vikes - Stanley Jean-Baptiste

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    My final Mock... Hopefully we get this group and I would be very happy. Likely won't take a one!









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    Do y'all watch mayocks draft last night? He had us taking Gilbert which I heard before in some predraft but coming from mayock has a lil more meaning to it IMO. Honestly I do love the pick to think about Gilbert an Rhodes on the edge captain in the slot with depth of cox Robinson prater and Sherels then smith over the top PLUS you pair him with Patterson an we have the best return game in the NFL easily

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    my mock draft pretty damn good if you ask me

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    What's everyone see us doing today I would love to see us grab a gaurd like Yankey from Stanford or Richardson from Baylor also Desir is still out there as well as Watkins at CB

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