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    please explain how fantasy basketball works

    I play fantasy football every year and even tho im more into basketball than football I just started playing in a fantasy league on espn with friends for money this year. Im in 8th place right now and the scoring is h2h. Ive read about it on espn but I dont understand it at all! Can someone break it down to me in a way a dummy can understand lol

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    Do you use categories in your H2H? For example, in my league, we have 9 categories. Each week you get a win, loss or tie vs your opponent in each category. So, if I won 6 categories and lost the other 3, then I would be 6-3 for that week.

    If you play with categories, then you should be trying to assemble a team that is very strong in 5 to 6 categories if possible. Don't sacrifice a strength to try to be less sucky in one of your weak categories. Build on strenghts. You don't need to go 9-0 every week.

    Or, do you have a point total for the week, resulting in just a win or loss each week (like fantasy football)? If you score this way, then you most likely get points for pts scored, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc.

    If you play that way, then you are probably just looking for guys that pile up points in any way. It doesn't really matter what they specialize in, as long as they score big for your team.

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