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    Apr 2009
    san diego

    Something Brewing in SD!!!!

    The recent signing of RHP Josh Johnson has made our minor league pitching depth incredibly obvious.
    I see a big time trade coming at the winter meetings next month with some minor league arms being included for a big time RF bat that we desperately need.

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    I'm not a Padres fan, More of a Baseball/Cubs fan. You think this is a good signing? Josh Johnson for 8 million! He going to get 1 million per start? Horrible signing, bad for baseball. Why not hope for a healthy Luebke and try out some cheaper options then sign a retread that can't stay healthy and when he was healthy last yr got lit up.?

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    Nov 2013
    You might want to check out the contract details. The Padres front office is not that STUPID!

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