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Thread: 2013 NHL Draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleJesus View Post

    Pretty good article by Russo which is about the direction of the team, and the draft, which of course go hand in hand.

    Definitely read this if you are a Wild fan.

    I wasn't very impressed with our draft but it's hard to make a big impact right away when your first overall is the 46 pick. Those type of players usually take a few years to develop so we might not be able to grade this draft for a while.

    Also, I hate the Gabriel pick, maybe towards the end of the draft but nowhere near where he went.

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    Honestly im happy with the draft...We got El Nino haha.

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    Here is a cool little write up on our draft from hockeysfuture that I overlooked around draft time.

    They take what seems to be a jab at us..."The Wild's big free agent signings last season may have dented the scouting budget" but then they go on to break down every pick, and they seem to like every pick. They highlight that we are going after good character guys to build a culture, and they also mention how most of the players will be playing college in the midwest, and the Wild will have an easy time checking in on them (this is where the scouting budget joke derived from i.e. we dont have to go to europe, but do have to go to duluth). Also pointed out was that we went after a lot of highschool players, so it will take awhile to be able to evaluate this class...and everyone knows when you draft young, there is always a lot of high potential there.

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