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That exactly why I said im starting to favor us taking Embiid as long as his health checks out because I would rather have a player that isnt as good right away but grows into an amazing player! That along with the fact that its going to take GA more time than most 3's coming out of college. Between those 2 things and the rest of our team not being that good we should be a team thats competing for another top pick in next years draft and probably for another draft or 2 after next years! With probably having another top 4 pick next year and a top 8 the year after we have a better chance at truly building through the draft with GA, Embiid, a top 4 pick next season, and most likely a top 8 pick the year after! The reason I see us being able to land those top picks the next 2/3 years is the lone fact that from this next season on our 2 best players would be young raw players that are going to take time to grow into the players they can become!

Yeah I get what your saying. But I don't wanna waste the pick either. What if the pick ends up being the same player three years down the road with no signs of improvement? I don't wanna be stuck with a bust pick either just to tank a few more years when we could of taken the safe pick. We probably have top ten pick next year no matter what anyway. Also if we suck next season with Embiid. Then what happens if we have the chance at Okafor? Besides who knows what happens to Sanders, Zaza.