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Im thinking BIG picture over the next to drafts. Any combination that we end up with Reddish this draft and Wiseman in 2020 and Iím happy. I like Huerter, Spellman, and to a lesser extent Prince ( who I think might be traded), but Iíd prefer a team where they came off the bench....


With a bench consisting of:

I do think we get a first or a young player with upside for Baze.
Why Wiseman when we have Collins or say why keep Collins at PF when he's better suited as a big? If we draft either Barrett or Williamson, Collins then would slide over to C. If we were in need of a C, I would have been aggressive in getting Bol Bol with our 2nd-1st round pick in next year's draft, whether it's the Mavs pick it if we would have to trade to move up. Collin plenty good and I think we should keep Len as backup and maybe sign Brook Lopez via FA for added depth...

Like to hear your thoughts...