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    Quote Originally Posted by HowFit View Post
    We have a lot going for us right now. While both Young and Collins been getting the spotlight, I really like what I'm seeing in Reddish and Hunter. Both look very promising especially Reddish as of late (thanks to Carter). I see a bright future with what we have now and adding another piece or two is just bonus! While Tree been very exciting to watch, I've been thrilled by the improvements of Reddish that I see a 20+/6/4 player in him with good D.

    My question for you, SB75, what are your thoughts on finding the right SG to play alongside with Tree? Man, if we got lucky to get Wiseman I would be thrilled to sign Derozan...


    Capela (2 more yrs I believe)
    Deep shooter (2nd rd pick)
    I think as of today Cam is a two/ three able to play either, and Hunter is a three. So as of today, I think itís Cam. While I do think as his body matures he may become more of a three, so the Hawks may have to look at that down the road,

    I donít see the fit right now with DeMar. Heís an exceptional player, so I wouldnít be opposed, but the fit is off for me. Heís more of a slasher and Iso player. I also wonder if that would slow the development of Reddish, Huerter, or Hunter? If the Hawks choose to address the wing position, Iíd like them to go after an established 3 and D player who understands his role, and can assist in the development of the three mentioned above.

    If Iím the Hawks ( and most are not going to like this), Iíd offer John, Dedmon, and future first ( not 2020) picks for Anteokounmpo. He is the only player outside of Anthony Davis, the Hawks should consider parting with assets fit to get ahead of the rebuild curb. Davis is not likely to leave LA. I canít say the same about the Greek Freak in Mil. It would be a huge risk and I would be unwilling to add Trae, Cam, or this years pick in the deal.

    If not I think the Hawks would have to be one of the teams on a short list he should consider in FA. The Hawks will be a playoff team if healthy next season, with or without him. We should be a very intriguing landing spot for him....

    Trae/ Jeff
    Cam/ Huerter
    Capela/ Bruno

    Now that would be awesome. If not Iíd resign John, but not to a max deal. His offense is to dependent on Trae to max him. If they do, I think he will be traded.
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