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    Quote Originally Posted by HowFit View Post
    The best that can happen is landing #1 and 6th pick, worst, lose Dallas' pick and I believe 9th pick would be our 1st pick. Keep fingers crossed hoping for the best possible scenario to help with our rebuild quicker...
    Landing Zion and Cam would be a beautiful draft. Trade a next years unprotected pick, Bazemore, and Miles Plumme for LBJ if the Lakers are that desperate to get rid of him. Re-sign Vince, Sign Danny Green, Al Horford, and Patric Beverly to team friendly one year deals...

    Young/ Beverly
    Green/ Huerter
    LBJ/ Carter/Reddish

    Yep make both Rooks earn they’re minutes! And who better than LBJ, for Zion to learn from!..... everything thing after the first line is a dream and a damn good one.

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    If Atlanta lands number 2, would you offer Trae Young for Ben Simmons?
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