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    The Incredible Depth of the San Diego Padres

    This Padres team, has more depth (At least with position players) than any other team in baseball in my opinion. Even with Gyorko and Cabrera injured, we still have Amarista and Forsythe and now this Ciracio guy we just got (We'll see if he's any good)

    In outfield if Cameron Maybin or Quentin get injured, we have Kyle Blanks, Yasmani Grandal and Jesus Guzman who come in and produce.

    And the most amazing part about this team only being 2 games out of first place, is that Chase Headley isn't even putting up good numbers, a lot of players that were supposed to be saving this team from being completely pathetic aren't even producing, but the Padres are right in the mix of things in the NL West. If Chase Headley can actually start producing like he did at the end of last year, and the Padres can maintain the good starting pitching they have had the last 7-8 games, this team could seriously do some damage. Especially when they become mostly healthy.

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    But they still need a consistent 20-30 HR guy in order to be a real contender year in and year out.

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